OpenPIV is now operating on cloud, thanks to Wakari

If you don’t know what IPython is and what is NumPy, Scipy, Matplotlib and Cython, it’s really bad. It will change the way we work with our data, once we drop the “chains of Matlab” :). But if we speak seriously for a moment, I do think that this demo

shows something new about OpenPIV:

You can basically run the whole thing from your tablet, smartphone, anything – no installations, no RAM, nothing:
1. set up your flow, e.g. go relax and see the stars
2. take the video using your mobile device, store it on your prefered cloud service
3. Open this notebook, get an account on, change the name of the image file(s) to the one you just took and press Run – what a miracle, you have a velocity field estimated.

OpenPIV Matlab version was updated to work with the new GUIDE from Mathworks

the GUIDE (GUI editor from Mathworks) was updated and the old GUI version created few new errors. We’ve updated the version (see on to the new GUIDE and upgraded the Matlab version. The main change is the SPEED – it’s a 1 second per pair on MacBook Pro with Matlab 64 bit.